Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm a rule breaker.

I have this rule based on JFK's quote, "Two elephants for two quarters is only a good deal if you need two elephants and you have two quarters"

Anyway, that is how I keep myself in check when I find good deals. I ask myself - do I need this item? Do I have the money to spend on this item? Otherwise I can get too "deal happy" and buy what I don't need.

So here's my confession. I went to Kroger to pick up some frosting for Alberta (my sister/neighbor). I had a 50 cent off coupon, so I knew I could get it for a dollar off. That was the planned purchase, not the problem.

While I was there, I also used three 50 cent coupons for Ken's Salad Dressing, and was able to get them for 49 cents each. Here's the rub. I never - well, almost never - eat salad. The deal was so good, and I heard great things about them, so I spent the $1.47 on them.

My husband has a hypersensitivity to vinegar - so I've never used salad dressing in cooking. To be honest, dressings usually expire way before they get consumed in my household. I bought these dressings with a *hope* that I will use them to eat more salad and healthy things while I am at home. I will make a valient effort to use them - and make meals that I can eat while Chad is at work. :-)

I have to be aware of these things though. I can't let myself get in the habit of buying what we will not use - UNLESS, I am planning on giving the stuff away.

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  1. Buy or pick you some lettuce and get to eating (insert a big SMILE here)With salad dressing that cheap and lettuce not being too expensive, that would make for some great inexpensive meals here in our household of 6!
    *I just wanted to visit your blog, since you visited mine. I love looking through new blogs that I have never been on before!
    Have a great day