Saturday, June 13, 2009

Diapers week

Last week I was so excited about the diaper deal I got at CVS - but I was limited to how much I could buy from there because they had a 3 diaper pack limit. Well, I've gone through 100+ of those diapers already, so it was time to try to find another 15cent deal like the one I stocked up on back when they were size ones.

Praise the Lord! Toys R Us/Babies R Us (TRU/BRU) sent out a $5 off value pack of Pampers in last Sunday's paper. I was able to take that to BRU and get the value pack of 228 size 2 Baby Dry diapers for $35.99 ($0.157 per diaper!). So I bought 3 boxes. I'll make sure to tape receipt copies to each of the boxes just in case they grow out of the size 2's before we go through the diapers.

Even better, I was able to return a size 1 value box of pampers, so I got $44 in store credit to use for those diapers. Woo Hoo!

This week I spent:
Babies R Us: $72.51

Retail prices would have cost:
Babies R Us: 133.11

My price book would have allowed me to spend:
Kroger: 12.00 (4X$1.50 for shredded cheese , 6X$1 2 liter pop, 10X$0 koolaid)
Babies R Us: between 136.80 & 102.60 (15 to 20 cents each diaper)

So I saved Retail(pricebook):
Kroger: $16.10 ($2)
Babies R Us: 60.60 ($0-$30)

So, I saved over $76 retail, and between $2 and $32 dollars in my own book.

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