Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vickies anyone?

I was coaxed into shopping for myself while "resting" at my parents house on Saturday morning with my sister, Corie, and my fabulous niece, Semira. Semira asked Chad if I could go with them to Victoria's Secret (they are having their semi-annual sale).

Long story super short - I saved $86 on 13 pairs of underwear. Was that TMI? I paid $2.50 for each pair - I am so happy. So this week I saved a lot. We also went to Bath and Body works, where I purchased 2 items at 1/2 price - saving $7.00. We ended our spree at Old Navy where there were no flip-flops to be found - but I did find a cute swimsuit for $12.50! I have no idea if I saved anything on that since it was not a planned purchase.

Target/Walmart - about $160 saved between the two places
Shopping at the Mall - $93

Total --> $253! Wow.

Now, I did feel some pressure as gas prices were going up this week in anticipation of Memorial Day weekend. I need to get our receipts from that and put them into the Google document.

I am going to refrain from any large shopping trips for a few weeks, I think. We seem to be all stocked - as long as I take time to do some cooking. I will keep my eyes peeled for free items at the store, CVS-ing and such - and keep you posted on our continuous improvement efforts.

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