Sunday, May 31, 2009

ChaChing Challenge

Ok, if Ben Franklin was right about a penny saved being a penny earned, I earned about $150 this week. I did not go grocery shopping until yesterday. Some things that have helped me stretch our $$ this week have been the following:

Meals provided by my parents - Mom sent us home with enchiladas, beans, rice, and dessert.
We bought a distiller for water so we don't have to buy bottled water anymore.
We stockpiled on the Kashi waffles and Kelloggs cereals the past few weeks, so breakfast has been taken care of.
Between Mom and the stockpile, we were good this week. I only went to Walmart to pick up the paper and some Knorr pasta sides that were on sale. I also spent our Costco refund check at costco on soymilk ($24), Juice and chips (total $37.06 out of a $46 check.)

Ultimately, I saved
$4.50 in coupons
$2.00 in price matchups at Walmart
$8.96 overage at Costco.

I spent:
$17.88 at Walmart
-$8.96 at Costco

Since we have a $200/week budget - moved down to $100 budget since I started couponing - I saved about $90 by NOT going grocery shopping.

Thank you for the challenge Kaley and Wes! Thanks be to God for helping me with this!

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