Monday, September 28, 2009

Old School Photo Storage Deal

So, I know, its been a while. I am still hunting for cool deals, and trying to hone my Home Management skills. This week we have been spring cleaning. This was my favorite deal so far - and it happens to fit in with my spring cleaning tasks. I was able to purchase 4 of these photo storage boxes at Michaels.
They are on sale 2 for $5, so if I figure out other uses for them, I will probably go back and purchase some more. If I do that, I will try to take some of those Michael's coupons from the Sunday paper so I can get an even better deal.

I ended up getting 2 solid brown, 1 solid white, and 1 solid black. There were a bunch of funky patterns, but I didn't feel that daring when I was out today.

The cashier said they will be on sale through Saturday.

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