Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 3 and 4 - giving challenge

30-Day Giving Challenge

On day 3, I felt led to give a cashier one of the gifts I had recieved in a demonstration earlier in the day. It was this really cool kitchen gizmo. I had a chance to tell her about the challenge I was participating in, and she was pretty excited about the gizmo. She's looking forward to sharing it with her foster granddaughter.

On day 4, I gave Chad a chance to nap with the kids in the afternoon while I ran errands for us all (mailing packages, getting Craigslist items, enrolling the kids in swimming lessons). He was grateful for the nap. I really need one too. I also got 2 more big boxes of items to give to ACS. They were really thankful for the other items I brought.

Its a blessing to be a blessing. :-)

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