Tuesday, April 6, 2010


April 1-24 Rite Aid Giftcard link has been updated!

I waited to post this because I wanted to verify a couple of things for you.

I checked with my local CVS and verified that they will take this Rite Aid coupon 100% of the time. They will honor it for new prescriptions (even though it says tranfers) and for transfered prescriptions.

They will also honor up to one coupon per patient. SO, if you have twins (like me) or more than one person in your family who needs a prescription filled, you can score more than one giftcard each day.  I have gotten $75 in giftcards before when picking up 3 prescriptions - one for each kid + my husband.

If you want to make sure your CVS accepts this coupon, I'd recommend you stop by your local CVS (or call) and ask to speak to the head of the Pharmacy Department. Ask about this coupon and if they will accept it as a competitor's coupon.

Yay for free money!

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