Monday, March 15, 2010

So proud of my hubby

Day 3 of our Stay-cation
I was cleaning out the car this afternoon - vaccuum and all - when my DH came out of the house and told me he was jonesing for some Arizona Sweet Tea. Could he PLEEEEEAASASE have my blessing to use a CVS giftcard to pick one up for free??

Of course you can - but take these coupons with you and pick up some Right Guard because of this deal I found online. So, I sent my husband with 2 $1.50/1 coupons and asked him to pick up the Right Guard when he goes to CVS. Also, I had a $5 ECB, so here is what I suggested he do -
Get 2 Right Guard Deoderants
Price 2 for $5
Less $3 in coupons ($1.50 * 2)
Cost $2 for deoderant
and get something else worth $3 or more. Use the ECB and the giftcard to pay.

He went to CVS and saved over $15!!!
Here's what he ended up doing

Got 2 Right Guard Deoderants
 - Priced 2 for $5!
Less $3 in coupons ($1.50 * 2)
Cost $0 for deoderant

Got 2 boxes of multigrain cheerios
 - Priced 2 for $4.99
Less $5 in ECB's
Cost -$.01 for the cereal

Got 1 Arizona Sweet Tea for $.99
Got $2 back in ECB's
Total cost - $.99!!! Not bad for his first time couponing.

He came home with a HUGE smile on his face and said that NOW he gets it.

I taped the receipt up on the wall.


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