Monday, February 15, 2010

My favorite ways to save money

Since I have been doing this Work at Home Mommy thing for about a year now, I figured it was time I share some of my favorite tips on how to save money. Here you go -

1. Never pay for handsoap.
Right now Kroger has softsoap handsoap on sale for $.88 each. Go Here and print out the coupon for $.35 cents off (It's on the bottom right, and mistakenly says .40 off, but it prints out as .35).
Kroger will triple your 35 cent coupon (making it $1.05 off) even though the soap costs $.88. Thanks to Printable Coupons and Deals for supplying this link.

2. Always get a $25 giftcard when filling prescriptions
Click Here for the Rite Aid Transfer Coupon website. Keep 1 or 2 of these in your purse or wallet for the next time you have to pick up a prescription.

I almost always go to CVS to get my prescriptions filled because they ALWAYS honor competitors coupons in the pharmacy. CVS considers Rite Aid a competitor (even though there are none in TX). Each month, has a new $25 giftcard coupon online for each transfered prescription. CVS has ALWAYS honored this coupon for new prescriptions from me. I have even pointed the fine print out to the CVS Pharmacy Manager, and he has graciously approved this coupon as one they honor with new prescriptions. The coupon usually expires at the end of the month, which causes me to have to search for it whenever I have a prescription that needs to be filled.

3. Buy a Double Pack of Sunday Papers whenever they are available.
Then I take out the coupons (Red Plum, Smartsource, General Mills, Proctor & Gamble) and put them all together in a file folder labeled with that Sunday's date on it. I learned this method from ChaChing on a Shoestring. She organizes hers by type (Smartsource vs. RedPlum), whereas, I organize mine by week. That website has done a lot in the way of helping me learn to save $ since I became a surprise SAHM in 2009. Click Here for her filing method.

Marie A

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